PTV Vistad – A Software Solution For The Qualitative Collection And Validation Of Accident Data

Safety is not a matter of course. Nearly every minute, somebody is hurt or killed in a traffic accident. Therefore, it is important to set clear goals for reducing accidents involving personal injury and also to collect data about accidents, so that suitable measures can be taken to increase traffic safety.

The electronic accident type map PTV Vistad is a state-of-the-art software system for the collection, validation and analysis of traffic accident data. The software visualises accidents on a map in seconds with just a mouse-click and nearly any detail information can be used as filter criteria. Even the digital schematic accident sketches can be called up directly in the system and visualised appropriately. In addition, the accident data can be filtered geographically and according to numerous characteristics of the accident dataset.

The system offers safety experts all necessary functions for local accident investigation and work by the accident committee, consisting of traffic police authority as well as road construction authority. It can also be used to search for thematic accident clusters or specific clusters etc., and these can be pre-sorted ranked according, inter alia, to the accident severity or vehicle type. Thanks to the standardised data interface, PTV Vistad is extremely well-suited for the cooperation of independent agencies such as the police, communal and state authorities. The central data storage allows nationwide use by police authorities. Thus, with the touch of a button, it is possible to make nationwide evaluations – using up-to-date accident data. Individually-configurable rights and roles also ensure that all participants only see and edit the data approved for them. Last but not least, the software offers an extensive set of print-ready reports which can be used to detect trends quickly and optimally assess the success of measures taken.

5 Good reasons for PTV VISTAD

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